Over 30% of the land in the Town of Groton, Massachusetts is protected open space - most of which is accessible to the public via an extensive trail network.

Welcome to the Groton Trails Network

The purpose of this site is to inform and connect people with the vast network of trails in Groton, Massachusetts.  With over 100 trails totaling more than 100 miles, our town enjoys one of the richest trail networks in the state.

These pages are owned and maintained by the Friends of the Groton Trails Network. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly trail system that encourages residents to enjoy the open spaces and conservation land in Groton.We encourage people to see a different perspective of Groton by exploring our trails and parts of town never seen from the roadways.We promote the trails by setting up and staffing booths during Grotonfest, organizing hikes, and supporting the annual Groton Town Forest Trail Races.

We promote and support the work of the Groton Trails Committee, which is responsible for developing new trails and maintaining the existing trails network in Groton. Together we evaluate trail routes, consider safety issues, address parking and access, mark new trails, and revise the trail map to reflect additions and changes.We also organize hikes and work parties and are always looking for participants.

Each month the Trails Committee meets to discuss the status of ongoing projects, plan new projects, schedule work parties, update our trails projects list of current and future tasks, and report on problems and discuss solutions. The current meeting schedule calls for the meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm at Groton's Legion Hall, 75 Hollis Street. It is always advisable to check the Groton Town web site for meeting updates or use the email address below for confirmation. The meeting is open to the public and visitors are always encouraged to attend and participate. If you have a specific topic to discuss please email the Trails Committee below to get a slot assigned on the agenda.