Groton Trails Committee Turns 25 in 2023!

The Groton Trails Committee invites you to explore 25 special points of interest in the Groton trails system to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Groton has over 10 square miles of conservation land with roughly 130 miles of maintained trails. Take the trails to explore lakes, eskers, oxbows, drumlins, kettle holes, rivers & streams, vernal pools, fields, hills, farms, swimming holes, beaver dams, etc. Of all the amazing places there are to visit in Groton, we have selected the following 25 points of interest to be used for our anniversary event:

After you have visited a point of interest, please check it off on our web form. Have fun collecting them all! At the end of the year, participants who visit all 25 will be rewarded with a commemorative patch.