Glacial Hikes

Gamlin Crystal Springs

The Gamlin Esker Trail traverses a long, high esker. Eskers are steep-sided ridgelines left by melting glaciers. The hike begins with an adventurous climb up the side of the esker. Once atop, the hike becomes a leisurely trek along the wooded spine of the esker. Hikers traversing the esker ridgeline are afforded fine views of Cow Pond Brook flowing below, another remnant from the time of the glaciers. The Gamlin Esker Trail is a habitat for nesting turtles, deer, and playful otters. Later in the hike, there is a prominent wetland area, that has constant beaver activity.

Groton Town Forest Kettle Hole Walk

Kettle holes are formed when large blocks of ice break off from a retreating glacier and become buried in sediment. Eventually the block of ice melts leaving a depression called a kettle hole. The Groton Town Forest, one of the largest trail networks in Groton, contains a number of kettle holes. This network of trails is truly diverse and will suit the wishes of anyone. Whether you want to go for a stroll on a welcoming day or tear it up on a mountain bike, this property is for you. There is a scenic route that follows the Nashua River, as well as an alluring trail that follows the old railroad tracks. A walk in the Groton Town Forest is wonderful. As you let your worries and obligations fade away, just enjoy the untouched beauty of nature.

To enjoy The Groton Town Forest kettle holes it is recommended to take The Loop Trail.

Scarlet Hill Drumlin

Drumlins are elongated, teardrop-shaped hills of rock, sand, and gravel that formed under moving glacier ice. The walk starts out in a gorgeous field with views of grazing horses. The field opens up into rolling hillsides with a speckling of trees. Take your time and examine the uncut grass to observe the many gorgeous wildflowers. There is a quick but steep path up Scarlet Hill that leads to an amazing overlook. This Eastward overlook has a view of the MIT Haystack Observatory and miles of trees. The view of trees framed by the faint outline of blue mountains coupled with a picturesque view of the stables, makes for a gorgeous walk.

The Scarlet Hill is a quick 10 minute hike. Park at the end of Shattuck Street and wear boots because some parts of the trail may be wet.